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Bits of Torres Family History


In 1880 Alexander Shepherd, the Governor of Washington DC was thrown out of office because of massive overspending on some public projects.  He declared bankruptcy in the US, and moved his family to Batopilas to run a silver mine that he had purchased from Robinson.  Over the next 26 years, Shepard's mine operations netted, refined, and exported 27 million ounces of pure silver. The following book was written by Alexander Shepard's son Grant accounting for his life and times. The passages below mention Don Francisco Torres who would be the great grandfather of Francisco Torres, the current owner operator of the Hotel Torres del Fuerte. The hotel was built on Don Francisco Torres original home in El Fuerte dating back to the early 1800's,


Alexander Shepherd

The Silver Magnet: Fifty Years in a Mexican Silver Mine, First Edition

by Grant Shepherd  

We have wandered far from the Camino Real, before I die I must go back to see, via a railraod train, the west coast,I saddled up and rode Sixty-five miles to El Fuerte a pleasent cool spot is the hotel in El Fuerte......the hostelery was  a hallow square with a portal all the way around........the courtyard was a big patio filled with lime and oranges, planted with many flowers of all colors and this place Don Francisco Torres joined me.......There I was thirty-eight hours without sleep accepting an invitation to a baile at Don Pancho Torres`home in El Fuerte......I have eaten much, drunken much, danced much, told many pretty girls that I loved them.....which was more than true, I did love all of them.        


A pleasent cool spot was the hotel in El Fuerte........At this place Don Francisco Torres joined fortyfive years old and getting fat with a prosperous forwarding-agency business...... for many years Don Francisco had been the book-keeper at Batopilas (mining company) as a young man.  When he went to El Patron Grande to tell him that he must regret it but he would be compelled to leave us because his sweetheart was a young lady of his own home town El Fuerte..., and could not separate herself from her parents, and in order to marry her, must move there to make his residence, he was congratulated and given a handsome wedding present.  My father promised him the company`s business in the forwarding of freight for the purchase.....many articles that a company of such size employing fifteen hundred men requires in the way of things that life and business demand......that is how it happened that Don Pancho Torres and I were having our refreshments together with an affectionate reminiscence of times past, discussions of the future.........Lord what days!


  Before the Hotel was built  

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Batopilas  a brief  Mining History  



El Fuerte

El Fuerte in Sinaloa, Mexico, was once the capital of Arizona


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