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Cosala, Sinaloa

Day Trip


Cosala is located 155 km. from state capital Culiacán. The Royal of the Eleven Thousand Virgins, shortened its name to the Royal Mines of Cosala is the municipal seat and without doubt one of the most beautiful villages of the state, keeping a quiet atmosphere that seem like you are in a story book. As if history had stopped in the times of the Spaniards. Every little street is a delight. One would want to stay at least a couple of days in Cosala. Something in the air inspires romance, an ideal place for lovers...





At the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th, Cosalá was the most prosperous town in northwestern Mexico. In 1820 it became the capital of the western part of the country that now makes up the states of Sonora and Sinaloa.

In the central plaza, there is a gazebo that often has a band playing music and a 19th-century carriage that gives tours on the cobbled streets of the town, letting travelers go back in time when mining made it the richest city in the area.

Cosalá has several landmarks from the 18th to the early 20th centuries filled with historical presence. Architectural highlights include the majestic domed church honoring Santa Úrsula and the chapel of the Virgin of Guadalupe made from multicolored stone.

A trip to the Museum of Mining and History (Museo de Minería e Historia) will shed a little light on what led to the town´s wealth in the 19th century. You may also want to check out the famous Chinche - the building where they installed the first presses of the northwestern part of the country and edited the first newspaper there called El Imparcial. The Jesuit and Franciscan monasteries and the fountain plaza are also lovely sights to behold.

Legend has it that some of these old buildings are filled with ghosts, apparitions that show up from time to time in these estates. In the house of Hernández Aragón, on Hidalgo Street, they say a woman dressed in white has been known to appear.

As Cosalá is surrounded by the Sinaloa mountain range, it is the ideal starting off point for ecotourism activities. About eight kilometers from this municipal head is the Mineral de Nuestra Señora ecological reserve. You can observe the rich minerals of the mountain range, walk along paths that allow you to see the diverse flora and fauna. Descending to the river reveals rock walls covered in swirls and angled petroglyphs.

This is also a great spot for people in search of exotic experiences, as it has the second largest aviary of green macaws (guacamayas verdes) in the country.

Just 11 kilometers from Cosalá´s town center, the adventure continues. The final 3 kilometers are on a rough dirt road, but well worth the bumpy journey when you arrive at the Vado Hondo waterfalls. Amongst the lush vegetation, there is a series of cascades and natural pools that are perfect for swimming in or stargazing from.

Some of the water there is dammed, allowing you to enjoy the warm waters throughout the year. It is the perfect spot for those who like adventure with a little dose of adrenaline. Here you can explore the 400-meter-high stretch of forest canopy unique to the country´s northeast.

At the José López Portillo dam you can go sports fishing or hire a boat to tour the waters.

There are also hot springs at San José de las Bocas, which are considered sacred for their healing properties. Soaking in the mineral waters can be a truly pleasant treat for weary bones.

Worth checking out are the caves in this area which are full of fancifully shaped stalactites and stalagmites.

Two years ago, the Tourism Secretariat named Cosalá a Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town), as it is a typical Mexican town that reflects the legends and symbols of the nation.

Located just 102 kilometers south of Culiacán and 104 kilometers to the north of Mazatlán, renting a car from either of these cities is recommended, as going to Cosalá makes for a nice day trip.

Be sure to wear light clothes and comfortable shoes so that you can have a carefree wander around the village and its environs.



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